WimTV Custom – your Web TV on your website

If you manage an information website, you will certainly apply editorial, artistic and commercial policies. If you have an information presence with a Web TV – and therefore two sources of information – it becomes difficult to apply and make these policies consistently.

If you just insert some video content into your website, your communication will not become multimedia and homogeneous. Even less so, if you keep your website separate from your Web TV, often little more than a video archive.

However, you will achieve the goal if you integrate the two sources of information into one entity. This is the opportunity that WimLabs today offers you with its WimTV video platform in the “Custom” format: you can publish and keep updated your video content on your website directly from the dashboard, without going through the laborious use of iframe codes.

How can you do that?

By using the WimTV APIs and the AngularJS interface, WimLabs can create custom pages that are graphically consistent with your website sections. These pages are real WebTVs, totally integrated into your website and serving the various types of WimTV services: videos, subscriptions, live events, interactive videos.

Therefore you can conveniently manage content from the native WimTV dashboard or your own dashboard (also this provided by WimLabs) and any content, published through the dashboard with a click, will be automatically submitted to your custom pages on your website.

The personalised pages are implemented with a totally responsive layout, optimised for PC and mobile (smartphone e tablet) viewing and can be integrated with the main Social Networks where the users have an active presence. The page layout can also contain other elements such as sliders, images, headers/footers, ad banners, menus, etc.

An example? Renzo Arbore Channel: http://www.renzoarborechannel.tv/.

This is not the end of the story… The personalised pages can be “packaged” inside an app (currently for Android), so that your viewers can access your content more conveniently.


WimTV Custom brings your viewers to a single target: your website-TV!


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