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The evolution of enterprise communication, an essential component of business, demands users to move up a gear: video-enhanced communication. A well conceived, designed, shot and edited video is likely to have a greater impact because it can establish a more emotional communication channel with the target.

Digital video streamed to large number of users on the internet requires the command of serious technologies that should be better left to professionals. More than helping, the number of web-based video platforms sprouted in the last few years are confusing users.

But what does it mean to make video-enhanced communication? Here is a list of requirements.

  1. For sure you want to post videos on your web site
  2. You hate to have your video mingled with somebody else’s ads (unless that is exactly what you have in mind)
  3. You want to be create subscriptions of on demand videos (e.g. a series of lectures)
  4. You want to have a channel and populate it with live events with associated chat rooms
  5. In some cases you want to be able to monetise your content
  6. You hate to forfeit monetisation if you do not achieve a minimum level of views
  7. You want to create a TV on the web that looks like TV on the air with programs made up of videos and live events
  8. You want to create new, personalised and interactive forms of video
  9. You want to post interactive content on social networks
  10. You need some types of content, but where can you get it legally?
  11. Of course you want to know analytic data of the use of your content
  12. You want a more advanced way of managing video content on your web site than by copying and pasting iframes
  13. Your web site uses a CMS and you want to manage all types of content from your dashboard
  14. You want to have your own privately managed video platform with the features above

Your needs are likely to be reflected only in a subset of the above requirements. However, an effective video communication should not have limits. You do not want to discover that you have to move to a new video platform, with all the connected legacy problems, because your platform does not let you express yourself the way you want.

WimTV does all the above and more. You can

  1. Copy and paste videos, subscriptions, events, scheduled programs and interactive videos on your web site, or
  2. Design web pages with the look and feel that matches your web site’s so that by updating your content on your WimTV account, your web pages get automatically updated, or
  3. Manage your media content directly from your CMS-based website, or
  4. Run your own WimTV instance – on premises or on the cloud


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