Now you can chat during WimTV live streamings

WimLive Chat has no limit of time, and number of characters and messages – and is optional! WimTV releases the chat functionality attached to live streaming.

WimLabs keeps on working to create services that improve seamless distribution and content of communication. With its live service enriched by the chat, WimTV increases the involvment of the audience which is part of the WimTV community.

Assume you create a live event on WimLive. You can enable the chat on the WimLive page, because hat is not active by default, but requires activation by the live stream organiser. You can chat and communicate with event participants from your private WimLive page or from the public event page. Event participant can have a dialogue with you and among themselves. However, to do so they must be logged-in to WimTV to ensure a secure participation.

Currently WimLive viewers who use the chat are free to write without having to meet limits of number of characters or messages. This establishes a real communication between the event and the audience, and among active viewers.

Unlike other services WimTV live events do not have time limits. Therefore the chat room can be programmed to start before, and continue during and after the event. This way you can create a kind of “waiting room” before the event. By going to the public page you and event participants will see the chat window on the right of the video player.

In this way, by activating a direct streaming with Wim TV you will create an active community before, during and after the event.

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