Live streaming in WimTV

WimTV offers a complete live streaming solution  that can be used in everyday life but also in the most demanding professional applications.
The figure below represents a general set up

At the transmitting side a user has the following options available

# Sensing device Connection Software Protocol
1 Internal camera Internal WimLabs live producer RTMP
2 External camera USB WimLabs live producer/FLME RTMP
3 External IP camera WiFi WMLE RTMP
4 Mobile device Third party app HLS

FLME=Flash Live Media Encoder
WLME=WimLabs Live Media Encoder
RTMP=Real-Time Messaging Protocol
HLS=HTTP Live Streaming

The encoded stream created by the software (3rd column of the table) reaches the WimTV Streaming Server using either RTMP (cases 1-2-3) or HLS (case 4).
The receiving devices can be mobile devices (smart phones and tablets), PC/laptops or smart TVs. The transport protocols are selected by the WimTV streaming server and can be HLS for mobile devices and smart TVs, and RTMP for PCs/laptops.

Streaming to a smart TV requires that a browser be available in the smart TV set.

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