Let your brand take center stage

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration”.
Jeffrey Zeldman

The brand is a name, term, symbol, design or a combination of these elements. It identifies the goods or services of a seller differentiating them from those of competitors.
More than ever, individuals are aware of the inherent meaning that every brand incorporates. A particular brand instead of another is often what defines “who we are” through the expression of a set of values ​​and attributes encoded in time.

The symbolic value of the brand guides and orientate a consumer in the buying process; brands are important “cultural resources” to which people refer. Since the brand occupies a central role in people’s minds, it is crucial for a company to strategically manage the brand, which has become one of the most important competitive assets.

How? By differentiating products, providing them with the power of a brand (branding process), communicating to consumers the qualities that the brand embodies, and explaining the reasons why a product requires a higher price tag.

With the growing popularity of video sharing sites, more and more users publish videos commercial or otherwise) online. In order to protect your work and your own content, it is very important to include a mark (which can be a text or an image) on the video. In this way, all people who see the movie will overlay your logo and will know right away who it belongs to.

WimLabs has thought of it. With a few simple clicks you can insert the logo of your company not only on your videos but also on you live events.

Let your brand take center stage.

Author: Lidia Masala

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