Use WimTV to live stream from your smart phone!

WimTV is a webapp that cab be natively used both on desktop and mobile.

Today we show you how to live stream directly from your smart phone or tablet.

WimTV’s most distinct feature is the fact of being a service platform where users can manage all their video assets, in the form of both file and events.

Want to do a test together? First you must Register.

Go to and create your profile. Don’t forget to set the live service password (the password is important to prevent others from using your account, at your expense!).

Click the WimLive tab on the dashboard to enter the WimLive service.

If you have not done it yet, create a channel it now! (a channel is a container of events. You can have the sports channel, the tourism channel etc.). Enter the channel name, a brief description and request a streaming URL by clicking the appropriate button.

Then create your event by giving it a name, deciding if it is paid or free, entering start / end time (hours / minutes), deciding if it is public or private and requesting or not WimTV to record it.

Now your event is created and ready to stream when the time will come!

Now you need an app to stream the event shot by the camera of your smart phone Room to the WimTV server.

As an example we will use the Wowza GoCoder, a free app.

Follow me how to use the app:

Tap the button on the top right and

  • Choose Wowza Streaming Engine, in the new page select Host, enter
  •  Choose Application, in the new page under Stream Name, enter the name of your stream channel WimTV
  • Choose Login, in the new page WimTV enter your user name and streaming password.

At this point, those going to your web TV on WimTV  will see your live (if you have chosen to make your event public).

The good thing is that  next time the streaming will be immediate because the app data is recorded on your device.

Why should you use WimTV and not a competing service?

With WimTV you can decide to make the event public or private, you can charge a fee to people watching the event, you can record the event to a video file and publish the video on your web TV or on another site, possibly for a fee…

We know well that others offer some of these features. The beauty of WimTV is that you have them all together on the same webapp and without having to install or update apps. And also you can decide what and how to publish it, you can decide whether to make it public or private, and finally you can add your brand to the video.


Try it now. Use the Christmas holidays to test and get familiar with this functionality.

We are with you!!

For more info:

or call +39 338 105 9702

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